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Child Care Programs

"With reading comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power." -Roberta Fisher

Quality child care not only supports families, but enables parents to work while knowing that their child is in a safe and nurturing environment. Our caregivers provide an environment that enables children to experience encouragement of acceptable behavior, stimulating materials, and the chance to learn and practice new skills. Quality child care takes place with parents and providers are fully aware of children’s needs and how to fulfill them as a team. Quality child care provides a basis not only for future learning, but also for future living. With that said, it is your child’s absolute right to receive quality child care.


Kidding Around Child Care Center was created in order to meet the needs of your child. We have developed age specific programs tailored to give your child both group and individual stimulation during each stage of their growth. Our programs are designed to provide a sound educational foundation, while encouraging growth and independence.  

1-2 Year Old Class

Our toddler classroom allows the children to follow their own individual schedule throughout the day with some guidance from teachers. 

The 2 year old curriculum includes the use of music, bright colors, mind-stimulating activities,  proper behavior, and communication skills. In addition, we assist parents in potty training children.

Additional activities include but are not limited to:

  • Dancing

  • Singing

  • Indoor Free Play

  • Outdoor Play

  • Books

  • Block Building

  • Finger Painting

  • Large Motor Activities

  • Small Motor Activities

​3 Year Old - 5 Year Old Pre-School Class

Our three-year-old to five-year-old classroom allows our teachers to guide our future female and male doctors and CEOs on how to use correct decision making skills. Age appropriate curriculums, proper behavior, and communications skills will be utilized to prepare our children for the bright future ahead of them!

Children will learn new concepts that allow them to heighten their play as well as contribute their individual interests and ideas. Our program is designed to strengthen advanced primary skills, but to also allow our children to make a huge statement as they enter grade school. 

We emphasize socialization skills as children master to play productively and harmoniously.

Additional activities include:

  • Writing Tools

  • Outdoor Play

  • Block Building

  • Dramatic Play

  • Art Experiences

  • Games

  • Books

  • Science Experiences

  • Music (Dancing, Singing, Utilizing instruments to make specific sounds)

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